I am a certified running coach through the Road Runners Club of America.  I have run 13 marathons, including 10 consecutive Boston Marathons 2001-2010, and completed Ironman Arizona in 2008.  While my experience is in the endurance world, I am able to coach anyone for any distance. If I had to pick a specialty it would be helping a beginner to intermediate runner accomplish their marathon distance-related goals. You will get a personalized training plan, consistent communication and the added bonus of having a coach who is also a physical therapist. .Communication will be done via phone, text, email and in person when proximity allows.  Most often the work outs will be for you to execute on your own and  then check in with me for follow up.  Everyone has different needs and therefore pricing will be discussed and determined on a case by case (or race by race ?!) basis. Please contact me regarding pricing: pamelarobichaud17@gmail.com